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Torque Monkey Mapping



Stage 1 

Hard cut/popcorn (diesel) + £49

Pops 'N' Bangs (petrol) + £49

Stage 2 - requires intercooler, exhaust, and induction,

We can supply & fit no problems inquiries welcome!


Rev limiter removal - Stop-Start off - Launch control -

Hard cut/Popcorn (diesel only) - MAF off (mass air flow sensor)  


Additional free extras included if required:

EGR delete (additional labour if not already removed) - Speed limiter removal - 

DPF delete (additional labour if not already removed) - Ad blue/scr off -

Swirl flap off - O² lambda off - Cold start off

ANY VEHICLE £249.99!

Increase the power,
Feel the difference, Love the savings

Torque Monkey Performance ECU Remapping use the latest in tuning technology to give individuals and commercial business optimum power, performance, or fuel economy from their vehicle.


How We Do It:

Computers and software are now needed to tell the ECU what to adjust. For us to get the best power, performance and fuel economy gains from your vehicle we do all the following in house or on the road!:

  • Upload the base map from your vehicle.

  • Make a copy of the base map, keeping the original software safe.

  • Adjust a variety of functions enhancing fuelling, throttle response, turbo, engine load, torque etc.

  • Upload your new fully custom remap to your ECU.

  • Archive your original stock map and the new remap version, just in case you wish to go back to standard!

  • We then test drive your vehicle and make sure we are happy with our work and tweak accordingly.

Remapping will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete along with a complete vehicle health check, including diagnostic as described below. 

All of our files come with a software warranty (This is a software ONLY warranty). All this can be completed at our premises in Chelmsford Essex (Mobile Mapping also available for Essex and Surrounding areas)

What You Get From A Custom ECU Remap:

The following is a general guide on what to expect from your remap. For a full detailed list of expected gains please get in contact with us either through the website or on 01245 698027 and we would be delighted to help.


Up to 20% more fuel economy

Up to 35% more power

Up to 40% more torque

For results specific to your vehicle, please send us a message or give us a call and we can send you the gains available to you

Diesel Engines:

Diesel vehicle remapping provides some of the greatest benefits, with the best power, torque, and fuel economy gains, 

whilst petrol remapping also sees keen improvements with the largest increases found on turbocharged engines.


Turbo Charged Diesel Engines:

These engines are capable of the most impressive gains, with up to 40% or more power and torque. This gain depends on vehicle and engine type with torque always being very impressive on these engines once optimised. Power will be available through at a much wider band than before, providing a smoother, driving experience. Acceleration times are improved and fuel economy can be increased due to the effort reduced on the engine. This is especially prevalent in vans, commercial vehicles, 4x4's, and vehicles used for towing purposes.

Turbo Charged Petrol Engines:

Up to 35% power and torque gains are achievable on these engines, depending on vehicle and engine type. 

The vehicle will feel more responsive and eager with the power arriving earlier, staying right through the mid-range, and not tailing off. Acceleration is greatly improved! Economy remaps are less noticeable here however but a small increase can be expected.

Non-Turbo Engines:

Upto 10-15% more power and torque, depending on vehicle and engine type. Additionally, we will eliminate drivability issues such as poor throttle response, flat spots (hesitation) and generally improve the torque at lower levels. Whilst the power increase is not substantial the general feel of the car and driving experience is greatly increased.


What to expect when you arrive at Torque Monkey:

You will be greeted by our lovely office manager Miriam, you will be offered a hot or cold drink and she or the technician will take your car for a small drive around the estate so a base can be set. Once the car is back at the garage it will be put onto a ramp where the car will then be checked that it is in suitable condition to be mapped. You will be asked simple questions like 'when was the car was last serviced and what parts were used, 'are you aware of any issues', etc. The car will then be plugged into a computer and a full diagnostic will be run on the ECU with any errors at this point being flagged.


If the car passes all these checks, then we will begin the mapping process. If for whatever reason we are not happy with something you will have the situation explained, and told what is required before the map can be done, this could be something like a simple boost leak or a misfire that needs fixing before we map the vehicle, which depending on the level of repair required may be able to get done that same day or you can take away and get repaired and return. 


Once the vehicle has been mapped the car will be taken on a test drive by Miriam or the Technician depending on who did the test drive in the first place to ensure that everything is performing as it should, there are no issues and the difference can be felt. If there are any issues at this point the car will be returned to the garage and the map will be tweaked accordingly if required, but mostly you will be set on your way with a smile on your face!


Give us a call at 01245698027 to get booked today or click buy it now and we will arrange a date

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